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Possibly related recurrent TLS F**k-ups

These days I'm seeing a LOT of TLS errors when connecting to El Reg (comments, articles, frontpage, the whole lot). That's from at least 3 independant connections from my side (unrelated IPs) and 4 different machines, 3 different browsers. It often causes lost comments (back to blank form, please retype...). In fact I have now resorted to typing my comments in a text editor (Vim, since you ask, because that's the best text editor ever, obviously ;-) ).

This started as intermittent but is now >50% of my attempted connections to El Reg. Sometimes agremented by a CloudFlare exhortation to activate JavaScript, or else (some sort of redirection then kicks in, and I am served the desired page regardless of JS activation. Sometimes.)

My F5 key kindly asks you to sort your shit, pretty please.

Comment copy / pasted from Vim because I may get yet another TLS error on the first few tries

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