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Quebec takes mature approach to 'grilled cheese' ban

Alistair Silver badge

One has to understand Canadian Cheddar to truly grasp the curd here. Mes amis quebecois have been positively military in their defence of bad french. Croque monsieur would not have been unacceptable to them, but if one used the english term grilled cheese they came up with that abomination in french. But most modern quebecois still ask for fries with their grilled cheese and beer.

And sorry, done properly one uses a stainless steel pan, low heat and one butters both sides of the bread, NOT the pan, two 1/8" thick slices of *real* cheddar and some cracked black pepper.

And who in the name of ${FOODEITY} contaminates a good cheddar with eggs and oil?

If its put on a press and squashed you've killed the wonder of the chrunch/mush/goosh combination.

Now, grilled cheese, poutine and beer on the deck. Sounds like a wonderful lunch break.

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