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I don't rely on schools for this ... my kids all get to use the interwebs starting at age 4, a time when you are not taught this stuff at school.

My kids know how to use Linux, macOS, and Windows, iOS, Android and BB10 (obsolete) ... depending on age, they are not allowed to go into chat rooms ... the teens get briefed, even the boy, and are allowed into chatrooms ... facebook is not allowed ... I do not have webcams on the systems they use, but the 15yo has one and they have used it to see family - they know how it works ... I told them that one can easily fake live re-transmissions with videos ...

I have also told them that some youtube videos are not for them, they understand, and I trust them to skip a video not for them ... they know trust is paramount, here.

BTW, my 4yo is a Minecraft wizard ... youtube to look at houses, then re-constructs them in Minecraft ... so much so the 11yo is impressed ...

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