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So many questions may finally be answered

Will they at long last finally dispel those unexplained absences of information that have deprived us of the satisfaction of knowing the full Star Wars story?

... what were Boba's political leanings with regards to the Empire?

... did he have any hobbies? Did he perhaps play an instrument?

... which brand of toothpaste did Boba prefer?

... what was his inseam?

... how might he have fared against the Ewoks, who outwitted many genetically equal Storm Troopers? ... What if he were shrunk down to Ewok size? If his gear scaled with him? If it stayed human sized? ... What if he stayed the same size, but his gear shrank to Ewok size?

I seem to recall Douglas Adams having a few things to say about fans' tendencies to want to belabor every detail of a fictional character to death...

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