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My position remains unchanged that your fanboi selfishness has resulted in >80% on 25 Mbps or slower not receiving the benefits of the NBN that Labor used to justify the project.

The reality is that if you are complaining about the cost of technology change then odds are you couldn't afford speeds faster than 100Mbps anyway.

> The minum speed was 100Mbps and was delivering this. But as you keep failing to understand it also gave the option for cheaper slower speeds for people who either don't need or didn't want to currently pay for the faster speeds.

As a response to Google Fibre, Labor upped the speed to 1Gbps. If 100Mbps is your benchmark then only FTTN is not delivering that consistently.

Slower speeds (<100Mbps) deliver none of the benefits that Labor used to justify building the NBN.

You seem to be ignoring the fact that way too many people find Labor's speed tiers unaffordable. The NBNCo Corporate Plan discusses affordabilty in detail.

> the taxpayer have to cover the cost of the next upgrade in 10 years time

Firstly, Labor's estimates on up-take suggest that those on the slowest speeds <25Mbps are unlikely to migrate to higher speeds. Moving or technolgy change are the options for those who can justify spending money for 1Gbps.

Secondly, as per Labor's plan, in five years time the NBN is likely to have been privatised, so it won't be a tax payer expense.

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