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@Hans 1 - A lot do, indeed, take without give ... but, apparently, quite a few are giving a lot to Apache foundation ...

That list of sponsors should be raising alarm bells across the open source world, particularly given the extent to which Apache is used across the web and hence the number of businesses deriving revenues from its use. Hence what gives me concern is just how little is needed to become a platinum/gold/silver/bronze sponsor(*) and thus the very small number of organisations actually sponsoring Apache (why is a Gold sponsor, paying less than the salary of one engineer?).

It raises the question as to how a business should be engaging with the open source movement. Should they simply contract with a commercial 'fork' of open source eg. RedHat, IBM's and leave it to that organisation to contribute to the source project, or should they also be contributing directly to projects.

(*) Although I note the payment levels are broadly in line with those the Open Group charge for membership.

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