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it is worth stopping to ask whether the actual fines will differ by very much from the current regime

Maybe "dissuasive" as mentioned in the article will change this. I hope those issuing the fines will interpret this as "big enough to affect management's bonuses and too big for the board to hide from the shareholders".

The bottom-feeders can be smacked with proportionately high fines, but they simply aren't going to pay them.

Power to freeze bank accounts would be a useful addition.

Government actually stand to make money from data breaches. That's wrong - the money should either be handed out to the victims

The possible income should be an incentive to pursue cases more vigorously and more often. The fines shouldn't stand in the way of civil proceedings for compensation. The imposition of a fine should, if anything, make the burden of proof easier. The ICO could be given the power to compel a compensation payment but then it might block the injured from producing evidence of more substantial actual losses.

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