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I have a question. Why are fines always an up amount? It's like a flat tax. Those are always hardest on those with a lower income. 20 million could ruin a mid-sized business but simply be a cost of business for a large one.

To rant on, I'd suggest that there should be no sale tax on anything. All taxes should be on income, but the only way to implement that without further crushing those in middle economic class would be to actually have Corporations and the wealthy pay taxes, again. Some of you will remember when they did. That significantly helped build the infrastructure and social systems we have today but can on longer even afford the upkeep on, even with migrant workers wages being less than the wages for which Citizen are often willing to work.

I'm JOKING, of course, we know that the extremely wealthy bought all the politicians they need to make sure this doesn't happen. :)

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