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"My counter argument is that technology change means that 100Mbps (and faster) is available as long as you don't consider it too expensive."

No your counter argument is so supply tech that is delivering speeds people are choosing now for a network that isn't even finished yet. Which apparel cost 2 business class tickets it those tickets cost $7000 - $75000 to upgrade because it would be able to deliver speeds when it comes down in price.

"The logical conclusion to your point of view appears to be that fibre is the only solution and that even if >80% connected at 1Mbps as long as the special few could access the network at 100Mbps this is acceptable."

Since you blush off claiming CVC was the primary source of revenue for NBN with currently stands at only $38%. That capturing the small % of user that are willing to pay for the current fast speeds pays for the 80% of the one you keep banging on about and cant let go because its your only argument you have left because you cant use the 50% on 12Mbps anymore lol

"The alternative is that you develop an argument for the minimum speed on the network and insist that the government provides this. It appears that you and most others are content as long as you personally are able to afford your desired speed."

The minum speed was 100Mbps and was delivering this. But as you keep failing to understand it also gave the option for cheaper slower speeds for people who either don't need or didn't want to currently pay for the faster speeds. Now your copper fan boi model doesn't even deliver a min 25mbps. what is your suggesting of a mini speed the current network should deliver on a network that cant guarantee any speed at all?

"It should be noted that in the NBNCo Corporate Plan (2010) Labor defined the recommended minimum speed and then promptly ignored it."

OH really I didn't know delivering 100Mbps to everyone was ignoring the min speed. But unlike your copper fan boi model what was suppose to deliver MIn 25mbps for $29B for everyone by 2016 how did that turn out BTW. your insistence of spending $50B on a network that is only required to deliver an up to 25mbps for 1 second in a day with 5 drops a day when for only $15b more the a similar time frame had a better network that was suit for what may come with the taxpayer have to cover the cost of the next upgrade in 10 years time.

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