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the Apparatus is much bigger than the US Gov

The interlinked organizations and individuals that profit on manufacturing, selling, receiving/publicising these tidbits is many times bigger than the CIA/NSA/FSB/ETC. Their agents are free to roam between countries and allegiances. Individually they make millions of $s apiece, much of it not as reported income.

The visible pieces of intelligence within the US (CIA/NRG/DIA/etc.) are bureaucrats who can't wait to server their 20 years and then move on to the Carlyle Group or Blackwater (whatever it's called now.)

Shills that testify in front of the congress shills are all playing a game of pantomime. Have you ever noticed that no one really sweats; no one really gives a damn. They'll get their dacha or a beachfront on the Chesapeake Bay.

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