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Apache Foundation rebuffs allegation it allowed Equifax attack

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No shit sherlock! (Hence the icon)

When they know that they are about to get massively sued in multiple courts / jurisdictions... they are smart to say nothing. Anything they say will be used against them.

The sad thing... it isn't until a massive breech like this that the industry adopts new changes to improve their service.

ALL Credit Bureaus can FIX THIS PROBLEM

All it takes is adding a page to their web site that allows you for FREE to freeze your credit report information and provide a unique Q Code that you can scan as input in to a free app like Google's Authenticator or DUO. So that if you want to apply for credit, you get an alert, you plug in your timed code and then you are up and running. This would shut down most of the identity fraud overnight.

And it's relatively cheap for the bureaus to implement, albeit they lose $10.00 USD per account.

But its a heck of a lot cheaper than a lawsuit.

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