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Shifting the goal posts

Apache was right to issue a statement to clarify their position and to answer the accusation make by Equifax. It may be in their best interest to not get into a verbal war with these turkeys and just issue one more statement saying that they would very much appreciate receiving a copy of the Equifax investigation as soon as it is completed. The software is part of the puzzle, but is not the story.

Equifax would prefer to shift the focus away from the questions that have arisen from the general public concerning the handling of the breach, the company's IT competence and the fact that a company for whom they are not customers can collect, store and use their private data for profit. Questions about 'consent' is putting this industry under the microscope. Law makers are feeling the heat, which basically means manufactured outrage for votes - as dangerous as a rabid animal.

Cyber criminals are not only greedy bastards, they also love chaos. Equifax is obliging on both counts.

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