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nbn™ adds premises to FTTC, HFC, slims down FTTN build


> If we had it your way most people would get a dirt road and would have to pay to tar it.

The problem is that it isn't most people it is a very small number: four percent!

While I would prefer 1Gbps fibre to everyone, I'm also a realist. If >80% are choosing 25Mbps or slower and Labor's expectation was that this wouldn't change dramatically, then I accept that as the community standard this is all the government needs to build. If you look you'll find posts from me to when the NBNCo Corporate Plan was first delivered making the same point: that Labor expects speed tiers to create a digital divide.

The fact that some vocal fibre fanbois are crying over the outcome of their own selfishness makes it easier to stump up for technology change and/or cost of moving to a suburb with FTTP.

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