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"I'm having a hard time believing I just read this."

So, you're really saying that someone should just be able to go out and kill another sentient being for no other reason than they want to. To provide something like food or warmth is one thing, but there's many who just kill them for trophies or whatever.

A human being is an animal, just the same as any other animal. If you believe otherwise, you clearly don't understand nature or biology. Like I said before, look at the statistics for how many killers actually started by needlessly killing animals and you can find a strong corrolation. Is it coincidence? Could be, but the strength of the correlation is very strong. Maybe moving from killing one sentinent animal to another is not much of a step? If so, pro hunting for fun websites could be a breeding ground for creating people who end up killing other people?

Human beings are no better than any other animal. We're all part of the same ecosystem and all live by the same rules....those created by nature. We may add our own on top, but that's the same as other animals as well, who create social rules etc as well. Do tell me what really separates us from say some of the higher primates, as the more we learn about them, the more we start looking like each other. The difference is they seem to have less inclination to go around killing each other, which might point people towards rethinking who's most evolved?

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