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Re: The Paradox of Tolerance summarizes my opinion:

Unfortunately, this could apply to all sorts of things.

.. which is where we stray off the actual debate and land in whatabouterism territory.

There are only two aspects to this matter:

1 . EasyDNS is 100% entitled to decide for themselves who they do business with. The fact that they motivate that decision is nice and offers insight into the company's ethical stance, but. they. don't. have. to.

2. That DS has a hard time finding anyone to host them is their problem. It creates no obligation on the part of any Registrars to take them on. I'm sure they would find someone if they threw enough money at it so the happy recipient can shore up their defences against the inevitable onslaught of trouble that follows them in their wake, but I don't see why not accepting their business is anything but a simple business decision.

The rest is mere fluff.

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