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"There is a reason why Nazi-ism is completely abhorred by the vast majority of the human race."

Yes. This is correct and as a result these people would have difficulty having their views accepted in the real world. So why do we fear them and insist they must be kept away from people? The reason people have such a problem with nazism is because we remember it, we discuss it and we critique it. It is a subject we discuss and analyse to the point that WW2 basically lives on the history channels.

I do however have a problem with people opposing nazism when they oppose only the label. There is an automatic learned reflex against the label nazi but not communist (in Europe). The nazi take over of Germany is rightfully hated and watched against, but yet communists are not? The concentration camps and gas chambers for mass extermination are hated, gulags not so much. Fear of the right wing parties for any even minor action or belief which can be even marginally compared to nazi is exploited, not so much the left and communist.

The worst part is we were happy to crush nazis, yet persist in this daft notion of socialist where it has inflicted more death and suffering around the world than nazism and continues to do so! I read insane stupidity (some of you may have also seen it) where an uneducated idiot writes "far right gave us *insert evil* while far left gives us *insert milk and honey*". And unfortunately there are idiots (I find often its HE students) who actually believe this and display a level of ignorance just as insulting as denying the holocaust.

But when people forget and the evil is allowed to shrink out of view people forget. People think it is exciting and new and a solution to problems. As far as I can see there are two ways to deal with such a problem-

1) Brush it under the carpet and hope it dies out (often only the memory dies out, the desire remains in the shadows waiting for its time).

2) Education. Honesty. Discussion. Only by understanding the problems and why it was such a problem can we actively choose to avoid it.

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