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" EasyDNS took a decision as a business that that was not the kind of customer they wanted which is a decision every business is 100% entitled to make."


easyDNS is a company. It can decide who it does and does not do business with. 'Freedom of Speech' doesn't mean 'freedom from consequences of speech'. And one of the consequences of indulging in objectionable speech is, people don't want to do business with you or be associated with you.

This is also why those homophobic cake shops in the US should be permitted to refuse service to gay weddings; I don't agree with them, but they are entitled to refuse to do business with people if they want. They are, after all, only disadvantaging themselves by refusing the business. This is exactly the same. It's interesting that our left-wing brethren howled with rage about the cake shops, and yet are cool with this one, while our right-wing chums were fine with the cake shops refusing service to gays but are appalled that someone might want to avoid doing business with neo-Nazis. If you were to be even-handed, then either both are fine, or both are wrong.

Though really, if you're gonna pick one and not the other, you should side with the gays over the Nazis. I mean, seriously, it shouldn't need saying, but if you're faced with the choice, you always pick the side which worships Kylie Minogue over the side which worships Adolf Hitler.

As for the 'this is censorship' argument; no, it's not. For starters, no-one is cutting the Stormer off from the web. Not being able to have a DNS pointer to your website is not 'being silenced'. They might be forced to rely on an IP address instead of a nice fascist-y domain name, but they're still connected to the net and can be visited. And even if they were being cut off from the internet, they can still spew their bile offline through any means that will allow them.

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