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"Most gun deaths in the U.S. are not the work of an amped-up Nazi devotee."

No, they're the work of people amped up about something else. Right to life (abortion for instance), gang warfare etc.etc. Is one better than the other? What about one gang puttings stuff up about killing members of another gang. Is that any better?

" Every murder is remarkable."

Totally agree. Ever murder should be remarkable, but unfortunately, in this world, that simply isn't so.

"I doubt you've spent much time reading through DS when it was available, before Charlottesville. Or after. I have, and it made me sick. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. Justifying someone's murder because she disagreed with your sick, twisted love affair with you-know-who is too much."

I've never supported anything they've said. I've just said there are plenty of other sites that promote murder (why does that have to be against another person rather than a sentient being?) in various ways, but are quite able to continue. Why? If you look into the statistics, you might find an interesting correlation between people who hunt animals for fun and murders......especially mass murder.

"If DS's problems were only the beginning of a wave of censorship, some of you might have a point. That hasn't happened and won't. DS was/is evil and is getting what it deserves."

How many times has this been said in history!! Read through history and it clearly shows you're wrong. Censorship only goes one way. More and more. In the 19th century, there was pretty close to no censorship, then look at the history of the 20th century and see more and more enacted. I bet those that implemented the first would have said exactly the same thing.

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