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"The problem is, a website is not only a place to speak; it may also serve as a means of instigating violence. DS has shown a predilection to do that. Of course, they're subtle, to avoid clearly breaking the law. But there are plenty of ways to drive the easily manipulated to violence. I think the nutjob who killed the protester in Charlottesville was one of the easily manipulated. The DS's response to the murder does nothing to change my mind. We should keep the situation of DS in its context."

Unfortunately, this could apply to all sorts of things. To take something very much at the USAs heart.....what about gun websites? Sale of guns, hunting websites etc.? It's a relatively short step to go from killing animals (bears, deer etc.) to maybe turning on somthing else (people) at times of stress. There's plenty of gunsites that actively promote violence (maybe not against people, but other living creatures). What makes them so different? I bet quite a lot of the gun mass murders of recent years visited these websites and maybe even became nuttier because of them. So, does the same sort of thing apply to them? Agreed the bloke in Charlottesville was a complete nutjob, but given the death rate (non-natural) in the USA today, it really was rather unremarkable on the scale of things....

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