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@Dan 55.

"No it's not. The terrifying development is if they get into power.

The most sensible thing to would be to follow Germany's lead on how to deal with neo-Nazis/alt-right or whatever you want to call them, since they know a thing or two about their history and how they work.

I can't believe we're still having this debate about whether or not this ideology deserves free speech or not when history shows how it gains a foothold and what it does when it gets it.

You might defend their right to say it. They certainly wouldn't defend any of your rights."

I think you need to recheck your history and if you understand how the Nazis got into power, you might understand how some recent leaders have got into power as well. The chances of these people getting into power are fleetingly low given todays world and where we sit. Are you seriously suggesting the Nazis got into power because all the Germans were right wing murderous nutters? The truth is that Germans were desperate and in terrible econimic difficulties. Hitler used several well tried and tested methods to get people to support him (common enemy, great speeches, bully boys etc.). The number of genuinely hardcore Nazi nutters in Germany was actually quite low. The reality was, he was offering a route out of their problems for the remainder and he was the only way offering anything, so they went with it. Then, everybody gets swept up in it. Just look at any conflict and you will see how people can carry out the most evil acts through getting swept up in things.

Pol Pot persuaded the poor of Cambodia to again carry out all sorts of evil acts because he promised to make their lives better. This included killing anyone with an education!! Of course, it didn't work. Stalin murdered many times more people (directly or through working to death in gulags) than Hitler for all sorts of different reasons. Both these (and many others) were hard left, the supposed polar opposite of Hitler. But, they end up doing the same?

So, stop thinking of this as a Nazi issue. It isn't. It is much wider than that. It isn't a right or left thing either. They're as bad as each other when taken to extremes.

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