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I can readily believe that business risk was a major consideration, but it seems pretty clear that it wasn't the only factor.

Actually, developing corporate ethics and sticking to them is also good capitalism, because in some businesses, reputation matters. Add to that that these groups are trouble magnets par excellence and I can't see why everyone is so upset that a business decides not to take their money and prefers them to take their blabbing elsewhere.

Here's why that isn't censorship: being a Registrar isn't a monopoly. There are plenty others out there. With a degree of irony, that is less the case for the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter who are already acting as censors in some cases, and it will only get worse. If anyone is desperately looking for a money-greased slippery slopes to complain about, that's where I would send them.

DNS registrars? Not so much.

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