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It seems a lot of the commentators are knee jerk responding to the word 'Nazi' and loosing rational thought. Yes, everything these people stand for is abhorent. Absolutely spot on. However, they are simply one abhorent group amongst many. There are plenty of other groups around the world spreading hate and bile and even carrying it out. People are simply responding to the word as it has historical legacy from WWII.

In reality, there are many groups and organisations, whether extreme left, right or whatever that are just as bad. However, most (I won't say all as I can't guarantee that) still have domains registered. Take the BNP in Britain. They're a sort of slightly (only a bit) lighter version of these guys. They still have domain names. Think of all the governments around the world that are busy slaughtering their own or others citizens, yet they still have domain names. Think of the terrorist organisations (I know, depends on which side you're on....freedom fighter/terrorist etc.) that actually have domain names!!

If you believe that DS should be banned from having a domain name, whether by statute or the court of public opinion, you should also ban many, many other organisation, governments etc. as well. If the internet is to remain a reasonably free place, with access for ALL, the use of companies to run parts of it needs to stop. Companies whose concern is for profits, will always do things to protect their profits rather than for good in general, hence this. Domain names shouldn't be controlled by companies operating for profit. A simple registration service that takes no view at all should be implemented.

Also, when banning DS, have people thought of the downside of doing that? Whilst it's there, you can bet security services etc. are looking at every visitor and keeping an eye on some. The fact the website is there, allows them to find people who might do something. Taking it away doesn't stop these people. It just drives them use things less easily monitored. So, I bet the security services aren't in favour of this.

Whether you can blame a commercial company for doing this or not, it does in effect end up censoring someone or some groups opinion. This isn't about right wing nutters, as there are a lot of left wing nutters around as well and if you look through history, just has many have been killed through left wing ideology as right wing. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.etc. The issue with censorship is not who should be censored. The issue is that when you start, like all projects, it's very open to scope creep. History shows us that censorship normally results in more and more restrictions, across areas never even considered when started. The issue is that it's all about opinions rather than fact or anything like that. Once you start down the road, it will eventually hit something you care about. It's just a matter of time.

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