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It is censorship.

It's censorship dictated by a populist movement. The majority disagree so the companies bow to their pressure.

Now what happens when that populist movement moves onto something else, let's say Muslims because they perceive them to be intolerant of the LGBT community. Would you be happy for hosting companies to ban any religious or Muslim websites even if they don't have any anti LGBT messages just because they are Muslims?

I've said it before and I will say again, populist movements that exert control over media do not end well. If they get a charismatic leader who says what they want to hear then those Nazis that everyone hates is what you will become, history will repeat itself but it's ok you can justify it because you are "doing the right thing" just as those Germans back in the 1930's believed they were "doing the right thing". These Nazis are nothing compared to a group backed by a large populist movement.

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