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Actually the Daily Stormer acquired a new Austrian domain four days ago and are available at that as well as via the onion link. We'll see how long this new domain lasts. The registrar of their previous Albanian domain (purchased through a reseller) booted them off after a couple of days.

Do I care about the free speech of this site ? Let's see. The Daily Stormer's troubles began when they posted some vile abuse about Heather Heyer who died at Charlottesville. They blame Heyer for the consequences - losing their original domain name, being booted from several domain registrars etc. Heyer being dead they have decided her family should be "held responsible".

So they have run stories urging their supporters to engage in the online abuse of Heather Heyer's mother. "We need to TROLL STORM!" "This is war mode now. We are going on the offensive." Her mother "is going to wish she never would have fucked with the white race." This is accompanied by disgusting abuse.

Far from "defending to the death" their right to "free speech" I'd be more than happy to push them over the cliff.

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