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I see we are back to the same argument.

It's every f*cking article.

This boils down to a few simple questions and you have to take your "but they are Nazis" hats off.

Do you want freedom of speech?

Do you want some company to force someones ideology off the internet because it offends someone?

Do you want censorship even if it in the future it could censor something you agree with?

Do you agree that it's not right to refuse someone access to the infrastructure of the internet because the majority don't agree?

Put simply, if you answered "Yes" to any of those questions then you can't be in favour of the actions of these companies.

A very good point is that fascists (or Nazis) burned books and oppressed any opinion that disagreed with their ideology. What exactly are you doing now? How very fascist of you all.

Leave them where there are so they can be ridiculed and shown for the idiots they are because lets be honest they aren't going to use these websites to recruit any sane rational person, unless of course you want to force them underground where you don't know how many there are or what they are up to?

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