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They are f'ing Nazis (no, really, and the corollary of Godwin doesn't hold here).

While I do believe that everybody has rights and freedoms, there are limits. Those people deny the fact that the Germans ('k and some collaborators, mostly the Krauts) killed millions of Jews (and gypsies and gays and people with mental or physical disabilities and "communists", well more like social democrats, the latter on smaller scales) - or some of them even think it was a good thing and you should repeat that with [insert group here].

If you are an animal rights activist, a communist, an ultra conservative, a pastafarian, a member of $religiousgroup, anything, I will hear your thoughts and listen to them (once...) and defend your right to say them. If you start advocating atrocities and mass murder (or murdering my family and friends) you are out.

Yes, free speech is a right. Rights always come with responsibilities - at least that is what my parents taught me...

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