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"They can say whatever they want, but they really shouldn't be surprised if nobody wants to enter into business with them to help them say it."

Enter into business? You are aware that to have a web site, one MUST do business with a registrar, and that ICANN controls what and how many companies get to be registrars? So if enough of these "private companies" block a group in this way it amounts to a complete ban.

Do you want to see that kind of power in the hands of the registrars and by extension, in the hands of ICANN? Who decided ICANN was to be the world's arbiter of what kind of speech is allowed on the web? What if they became ideological in some way, wouldn't that lead to censorship of competing ideologies?

This is how the ACLU in the US used to reason about speech (even nazi speech), before their recent turn away from the concept of free speech for all and not just some.

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