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Quick note from easyDNS

To be clear, we don't bill ourselves as "The Free Speech Registrar". As I say in the post quoted, we have a *reputation* as such, and because of that reputation we felt the need to explain ourselves. Reputations are built on past actions and track records. If our decision around DS impairs that rep, so be it.

Further, this isn't really a "free speech" issue at all. DS were never clients and we did nothing to censor their content. They can say whatever they want, but they really shouldn't be surprised if nobody wants to enter into business with them to help them say it.

In that sense, the free speech subtext to this could be "everybody has the right to say no to a Nazi".

Finally, as I told a few other people who think we are somehow obligated to take on a specific client, it's easy to say that when you are sitting comfortably outside the blast radius. If you feel so strongly about it *you* do it, or call up some key vendor your business relies on and convince *them* to do it.

That is basically what capitalism is all about.

Thank you.

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