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> Becuase we both know it can or your doing is trying to misleading to make a point as usual.

RSPs have been able to sell 1Gbps plans since December 2013, but they've chosen not to sell faster than 100Mbps. >80% of customers on FTTP have chosen to select 25Mbps or slower. Clearly there is large gap between what is therorically possible and reailty. Since the only difference between the speed tiers is price, in the absence of other evidence the principle of Occam's razor suggests that people are choosing speeds based on their financial circumstances.

Labor designed a financial model for the NBN which as Labor expected in each revision of the NBNCo Corporate Plan to create a digital divide.

The reason FTTN is being rolled out is that the IT community were selfishly prepared to accept the creation of a digital divide, expecting they would be on the right side of it.

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