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"If those unsourced numbers are correct, then it means that the 40% with lines delivering < 50Mbps must be closer to the 50Mbps speed to result in a 78Mbps average speed."


T"he full quote points out that the cause is the speed tiers which mean only a small shrinking minority (14%) are accessing 100Mbps speeds."

Did you or did you not say

"resulting the FTTP network being unable to deliver the recommended 100Mbps speeds for the applications that Labor championed."

Can or cannot FTTP deliver 100Mbps like you so have claimed. Yours own words "UNABLE TO".

Becuase we both know it can or your doing is trying to misleading to make a point as usual. Labor FTTP has given people a CHOICE. something you have failed to comprehend. Compared the MTM.

Here is another thing for CVC accc report has it at 37% of its revenue. Or how about most of the people RFS in FTTP are connected. Only Half for FTTN are why?

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