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> something that should so obviously be bipartisan and for the people's benefit

It is a valid point, but unfortunately if you critique a plan based on it's merits, supporters respond with fear.

Labor's plan had a number of flaws and contradictions (e.g speed tiers versus minimum requirements for the applications Labor was promoting; overbuilding HFC first, growth in ARPU, etc.) but debate was stifled by fibre fanbois. At this point there remains a significant gap between what customers are prepared to pay for (25Mbps or slower) and what the power users expect everyone should have..

The promotion of renewable energy and clsoure of coal power stations has resulted in a state wide blackout, load shedding and a significant risk of blackouts during summer. Only after the blackouts is action being taken to make the necessary changes to the grid (e.g .frequency stability) to accommodate the differences between a few large generators with high inertia and a many small generators with low intertia. Listening to engineers coold have avoided this situations, but the Greenies degegrated anyone who dared to critique renewable energy, even if a solution to the identified issue was available.

It should be noted that the unusually quick action by the South Austrlaian government might be related to the upcoming state election on 17 March 2018. potential electoral backlash if widespread blackouts occur over summer.

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