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Tintri stock plunges as first results since IPO show mounting losses

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Writing's on the wall

"Everyone has a dip after IPO.

Nimble dropped from $33 down to $8 dollars at one point as an example. Nutanix also had a blip but are recovering nicely."

True everyone has a dip however there are some significant differences between Tintri and the aforementioned companies.

Neither of these companies missed estimates in their first report as public entities! Both Nutanix and Nimble were growing well above Tintri rates. Both had/have significantly more cash reserves. Both had zero debt.

Tintri on the other hand has 80mil cash, 70mil debt, growth is slowing down very fast if we look at the guidance, have high sales turnover and they are about to put the lid on operational expenses which means they'll choke the top line even more.

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