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Bullshit science - Human activity responsible for 3% of CO2 - Why would they hoax us, you ask?

Firstly, The Earth has been forever getting hotter and colder, periodically.

Typical human self-importance to assume everything that goes on is because of us. Its the self-importance that makes us so gullible to believe Al Gore and those behind him.

So, if its fake, why would anybody bother?

Lets set up two simple facts:

Stocks don't exist so you and I can own a slice of the big corporate pie: They were created for obfuscation of ownership - just gotta have thousands of straw companies and hedge fonds to own them. Every boom and bust they create, they're getting large chunks of their shares back anyway - every time.

Who, you ask is "they"...?

The Global Central Banking cartel with ~20 private banks controlling the ~140 Global corporations, whom are all directed at a high level and are largely working hand in hand, competition not withstanding.

What good does the climate change hoax do for 'them;?

Chief item: The global Agenda 21 drive (look it up). Drive people off their land and herd them all together in as few large cities as possible. All to "save the planet" Yeah, right...

We'll become completely dependent on toxic industrially produced food. The closer to your pension age you die, the less pensionmoney the corporations have to waste on you, after you spent your useful life in wage slavery. And of course, they'll make sure to take your house from your family for that expensive cancer treatment they shove up your ass on your way out.

Democracy is just a word for invisible slavery. Its a puppet theater. Did you ever pick anyone whose name you put your X next to, helping to keep this scam looking legit? Yes, if YOU go and vote, you're helping to keep everyone else in slavery too... And did you EVER get what you wanted or what was promised for your X? Right, I didn't think so.

They also love forcing you to throw away your cars and buy new ones, that are barely any better on Co2... Its all good cash they can extract, before they go to kill you slowly with their toxic, unnatural food and medications. Food and Pharma Industry are working hand in hand. Go look at it...

And if you fall for believing the climate change is real and an honest effort - you'll probably also gullible enough to believe, that switching to all electronic money will be a good thing, and that spraying aluminum micro-particulate and barium in the air is a great thing to slow global warming, right?

Well breathing in that aluminum has catapulted Alzheimer's disease to the #1 spot among older people in the UK in just a few Years! Are you ready to loose your marbles for that hoax?

Well, I know, this disturbs comfortable illusions and if you even looked into it, would pose a serious risk in regards to going on the way you've grown comfortable with. I understand. This stuff IS annoying. I wish it wasn't so, but at least a few of the heads of the hydra are right here in the UK.

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