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TBH I'd almost be glad if it were my boy. I tried so hard to get him to do something technical, you know. He said he liked computers and building stuff and technology and robots... enrolled in the local free college when he left school for a BTec in computing and robotic sciences with a side order of A levels in business studies, computing and technical design (or was that some other qualification?) Spent a fortune on books and tools and components for the course.

Anyway, he was there 8 months, did f*** all except play with Lego Mndstorms, then declared he wanted to switch to the hospitality course and become a trolley dolly, He was too far gone to switch and ended up flogging bacon rolls for a rail company.

Such a disappointment.

My daughter, on the other hand, did a degree in psychology but has now totally pwnd the systems of a major credit card company, and they pay her for it too.

Go figure!

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