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Facebook ran $100k of deliberately divisive Russian ads ahead of 2016 US election

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Ah yes, the good old "everybody does it so let me go" trick...

Except that they got caught doing it, are screaming bloody murder to be allowed to lie to everyone's face about doing it. Demanding "proof" and then screaming "Fake News" when it is provided. Plus still denying that they actually did all the hacking. (Hey, I suppose that sorta floats; As long as they used paid proxies, no?)

Read about what they actually did to Maginitsky, beating somebody (his only crime was providing evidence of official corruption) to death trying to get a retraction about PutinCo's corruption and wicked deeds isn't something even remotely acceptable. Not even for all the barrels of oil / cubic feet of gas / money in the world. (But keep telling yourself that it is, while rationalizing it by screaming evil Americans, HA!)

And that's not even beginning to get into all the destabilization, bombing / shelling civilians (Ukraine and Syria) when not actually blowing them out of the sky with missiles and lying about it (MH17) AND the stealing of land they've been engaged in. (note: Budapest Memorandum re: UK and USA. NOT their finest hour indeed.)

Sowing chaos and discord IS the name of the game, if we're too busy fighting ourselves, PutinCo get to do whatever they want and get away with it.

FFS, this isn't even at the level of pirating a DVD or something. This is Grand Theft Country, and lots people tend to die from games like this. (Not that PutinCo actually CARES or anything like that. #1 is the most important thing. Russian People and reputation? HAHAHAHAHA! Take a look at what's REALLY going in inside the Russian "Federation" (hohoho) right now. PutinCo is quite literally genociding those poor people with "its" policies... "it" because I cannot describe them as being human, nothing human with a conscience could possibly do such inhuman deeds.)

That anybody seems to think doing business with people who would do things like this is acceptable makes me worry for the future of the world...

Yeah, yeah, bring on the whataboutism, downvotes, etc. Eeeeeevil West, hypocrite, etc. PutinCo doesn't care about it's own evil, we should (including our own), so lets start by denying those who don't care the funding and influence they need to keep on doing business. Let's start by throwing those who take bribes for treason and rationalize living with this crap behavior out of office and power. (Preferably into jail, where they belong.)

We should also invest in the tech (the REAL tech, not this enviro-bandaid-make-algore-rich tech) required to make ourselves and anybody else who wants to live free, energy / resource independent, so that we can deny these wannabe strongman (weakling) shithole leaders finances and influence.

Meandering Rant over, downvotes go!

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