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>>This is the standard diversion tactic you are using again and again. Conflating dislike of Putin, cronies and his corrupt regime with anti-Russian sentiment

Oh come on - you made a blatant ad hominem at me, accusing me of bias when my entire argument is that we need to be exposed to alternate points of view. And yes, I'm illustrating that with a Russian perspective on events showing things the average American probably doesn't know. And what do you mean that I'm using diversion "again and again?" Where am I? I've responded to nearly everything you've said. And unlike a spoken conversation, people can easily scroll up and see if that's true. I'm pretty confident I'll come across fine. :)

>>In the spirit of 'free speech' and 'assessing all the viewpoints' why not read one or both of these:

Maybe I will. I'm interested in as many points of view as possible. That's what I've been arguing for.

>>(As typed in the brief interlude between work and getting kids ready for bed so sorry I don't have time for a point by point)

Well, make sure you check under the bed for a red, before you do. ;)

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