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Well then!! Six years later, 100,000 corpses in a mountain and still the slashing goes on? So glad I left HP labs all those years ago. Surveying the portrait of corporate disasters I can only conclude someone at HPe is intent on providing text book examples of failure for economics students to reference. Let's look at the iTanic CPU disaster. The take away there was how to pour $32 billion down the drain. Next up was EDS which actually stands for extremely Dumb and Stupid. I know I saw their handiwork at the UK inland revenue. That was all a fat waste of Investor time I estimate poured some $7 billion down the drain. Then there was autonomy. Where do I begin with that one? OMG, that was like the iTanic that deal. I mean seriously, where does HP get all this cash they're blowing out their ass?

Sure looks like they don't deserve to exist to me.... But what do I know?

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