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CVC revenue to rise pushing up ARPU

> cvc price would fall under labor fttp

Agreed, but what you clearly don't realise is that while the unit price falls, that the total quantity rises sharply, so total revenue increases. Very clever Labor spin: CVC pricing will fall, but omit to mention that data usage is required to rise much more quickly, so that ARPU can rise.

> even though i shown you cvc does not come close to making the same revune as avc

You quote numbers from another fibre fanboi and consider this credible? Do you think that just once you could quote from a primary source that is publically available?

I refer you to Exhibit 9.3 Revenue Components of tne NBNCo Corporate Plan, where it clearly shows that CVC as a percentage of revenue starts very small and quickly grows. I refer you to the previous quotes from the NBNCo Corporate Plan that show the intent to grow revenue via CVC.

Note that I consider the plan to grow revenue via CVC one of the better ideas by Labor, because it reduces the digital divide and matches the charging model for other types of infrastructure.

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