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David Roberts

Re: I don't mine a skeptic. I prefer a skeptic in this position

I'm with the downvote victims on this one.

The A/C post I am replying to sums it up well.

There seems to be a short term correlation between industrialisation and changes in the climate but there has been some very dodgy science from people desperate to prove themselves right which taints other work in the field. Enough for some sceptical thought. The evangelicals who decry everyone who doesn't accept their world view, including on El Reg, doesn't help either.

We (nearly) all know that climate changes constantly and we are apparently emerging from a mini ice age. The amount of impact that humanity is having, and which particular activities are responsible for significant changes, is as I understand it the main area of debate.

I also think that religion isn't as cut and dried as some "scientists" would like to make out. There is the term "crisis of faith" and many of the truly religious constantly re-examine their personal faith. Lord, I believe. Help me in my disbelief.

So someone who doesn't accept the current climate religion but who continues to gather data is probably a good person to have in charge. You don't want someone who has a mind already made up who is resistant to anything that doesn't support their world view.

I also wonder how much of the up and down voting is on political instead of logical grounds.

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