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Nope... block access is file/database access

No storage subsystem (unless it's designed by someone truly stupid) stores blocks as blocks anymore. It stores records to blocks which may or may not be compressed. The compressed referenced blocks are stored in files. Those files may be preallocated into somewhat disk sector aligned pools of blocks, but it would be fantastically stupid to store blocks as blocks.

As such, NVMe is being used as a line protocol and instead of passing it through to a drive, it's being processed (probably in software) at fantastically low speeds which even SCSI protocols could easily saturate.

There will be no advantage in extended addressing since FCoE and iSCSI already supported near infinite addresses to begin with. There will be no advantage in features as NVMe would have to issue commands almost identically to SCSI. There will be no advantage in software support because drivers took care of that anyway... or at least any system with NVMe support can do pluggable drivers. Those which can't will have to translate SCSI to NVMe.

They should have simply created a new block protocol designed to scale properly across fabrics without any stupid buffering issues that would require super stupid solutions like MMIO and implemented the drivers.

Someone will be dumb enough to pay for it

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