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> Would you agree that using tech in your fanboi model that cant deliver the same speed to everyone is creating a digital divide

I'm not a fan of the FTTN deployment. I'm merely pointing out that due to Labor's decision to implement speed tiers the fibre fanbois are over-reacting.

Technology change offers the ability for anyone to upgrade their FTTN connection. Labor's expectations as recorded in the NBNCo Corporate Plan that <1% woudl have 1Gbps in 2026 make it very clear that only the rich could afford 1Gbps connections. For the top 1% in Australia, the cost of technology change means premium economy seats for their European Holiday instead of business class seats, assuming that they cannot arrange for the cost to be paid for by work.

Today, I could walk into the Tesla dealer and order a car, but only if I have the means to pay for it. Labor's speed tiers have created exactly the same situation. Theoretically, I could have a 1Gbps connection but the reality is that <14% are willing to pay the cost for 100Mbps and RSPs have determined demand doesn't exist for faster connections at a price that will be profitable.

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