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@ DougS

"NASA just launches the satellites that get the data, they don't do any interpretation of it so whether its director is a skeptic, a denier or a believer doesn't really matter."

A little niggle with that statement. A while back Lewis Page put up a wonderful article about NASA 'adjusting' its data and publishing it online. This data suddenly showed a huge steep incline that was so fantastical that even the IPCC (not considered a good source of fact) wouldnt agree with NASA's amusing graph.

I can understand why people would be sceptical and I am too. This is such an important problem that the UK had a gov who ditched power generation for monuments to the sky god. This green tech actually didnt work but the denial of that fact was so extreme it was very much religious. We have also been told many times we have x days to save the world only for nothing to be resolved or changed. We have been told of terrible horrors which have been hyperbole at best and the only thing we have seen for it is more cost and higher tax.

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