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The fossil fuel industry is licking their chops...

at renewable energy, because Exxon knew...that renewable energy wouldn't make a ha'poth of difference to oil consumption, wouldn't really affect coal consumption and would lead to more gas consumption because by and large that's the only viable method of adding dispatch to the appalling travesty of generation that is intermittent renewable energy.

What the fossil industry fears is new fossil competition and nuclear power.

They bought the greens years ago.,

Which is why there is anti-nuclear and anti-fracking, but no one gives a sh1t about bird mincing environment wrecking windmills, or polluting solar panels.

The so called eco solutions business is riddled with contradictions that can only be explained by realising that:-

- the people who know, know that renewable energy doesn't work

- they dont care, because climate change is bollox, and they know that too.

- all that matters is transferring wealth from plebs to the government and big corporate elites.

- by and large people really are that stupid.

- the stupidest person of all is the rote-educated person that thinks they are clever, because they have absorbed other people's wisdom. Or propaganda.

I mean, why do you think all the government and opposition MPs send their kids to private schools?

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