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...but scientists found a correlation between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations, realized that human industrialization increased this CO2 concentration, and created a scientific model to explain this observation.

Unfortunately, they didn't.

Except for a decade or so. The ,ore time pases the less teh vorrelation is.

And your whole thesis ignores tow well known facts

1/. correlation is not causation

2/. Short duration correlation does not imply long duration correlation.

Everyone who has bothered to try and understand the nature of so called climate science (rather than just accept the result dictated by climate marketing organisations) runs into a funadmental problem,.

Climate sensitivity. The amount by which you multiply the physics to get the scary result needed politically and commercially.

The problem is that the figure hat works for 1980-2000 doesn't work for 2000-2017. Is the lambda constant really a variable? Why is it there at all? Isn't it neater to actually introduce an independent variable to explain why warming rocketed upwards for 20 years and than stopped dead in its tracks?

The problem is simply this. Any or all of these points make more sense of the data, but they lead to an inconvenient truth.

CO2 is not what affects climate the most, in fact its almost completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

All the research granst, all the' renewable energy', all the political angst and social tensions involved in trying to have a discussion about climate change, have been a complete waste of time and public money.

And you come to the only sane conclusion. That is what they were intended to be. An excuse to divert public money into private pockets.

And suddenly the reason why windmills and solar panels and burning wood and making ethanol and electric cars - extremely expensive ways of failing to reduce emissions at all, are preferred over cost effective solutions that do reduce emissions hugely, like nuclear power, become clear.

As do the reasons why climate change activists jet from capital to capital rather than teleconferencing, and have beach houses and beach front properties that belie their belief in climate change.

Because they know its not real. It's just pork barrel politics.

Only numpties believe in climate change, the smart money simply pretends to, because that's where the pork scratchings are.

Its the most convenient lie that's ever been assembled by a political marketing team.

Science? what science? Massive extrapolation from the spectral absorption of a very minor trace gas. Logically flawed and bent to fit a political and economic purpose.

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