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@Schultz seems to have a rather pastorally perfect idea of what science, or rather how it works in the real world.

One of the reasons people find "scientists" so hard to believe is that they know they've been lied to before. People who aren't scientists or are not specialists in a particular field represent themselves as if they were. I've noticed scientists more and more refer to things they "know" only later do we find out they knew there were problems with their model or theory but this time, please believe them, they've got it right. Of course all of this is further twisted by a media hungry for headlines.

Scientists are also often put in a position where they've got to sell their work so statistics get worked on until the right result comes out.

In the UK we've got scientists telling us that drinking any alcohol is dangerous for our health while others tell us that moderate drinking is in fact good for our health.

So, with regard to our climate, it's hard to know who is telling us the truth. To be honest I feel agnostic on the subject, in the true meaning of the word, in other words I think it's unknowable for ordinary people like me.

As an side, my experience of some "religious people" is that they come to believe for a reason. Something happens to them which they see as indubitable proof of God's existence. So they're belief is based on evidence, it's just that from the outside other people have a different explanation for what has happened, psychotic event etc.

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