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It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower

Jamie Jones Silver badge

Too often in IT there is a tendency to ignore human biology like visual acuity, hands, etc. which limits the range of valid options for an effective interaction.

Ahh, like websites that have a perfectly good scrolling system at their disposal, so they can provide a number of posts that users can scroll through with just the cursor keys, or a mouse wheel.

And then they add a useless bit of bling that collapses longer posts, forcing your flow to be interrupted as you navigate to the "expand post" link.

Or, believe it or not, some sites replace the perfectly good post time/date with an XXX mins/days ago mashup that is useless for any time longer than an hour. And even more crazy, if you disable this iavascript bling, instead of falling back to the old date format, it just shows the date. No time.

So if you are reading a new topic, all posts have the same datestamp.

had although many point this out, nothing changes.


El Reg should do an expose on these sites....

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