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This issue really revolves around energy, the energy needed to run modern civilization. Like it or not, the vast bulk of that energy comes from carbon burning right now. The greens have no realistic replacement for it, no matter what they may claim. In fact a lot of them don't WANT it replaced. They see modern civilization as a problem to be reined in (except for themselves of course), and so they are drawn very strongly to a theory that suggests our energy supply will lead to catastrophe.

But the universe doesn't care about politics. That theory, based as it is on CO2 being a delicately balanced lever of our climate, turned out to be a less than accurate description of the climate system. At least, all their computer modeling has been shown wanting. It was that modeling that provided (and still provides) the primary underpinning for the theory itself.

Alas and alack, the climate didn't tip over and shows no signs of doing so. Thus out of necessity was born the "climate change" meme, to replace the old theory of a world on fire. This works great, since you won't find anyone to argue that climate doesn't change (I certainly won't!).

So we see how the Green movement has adapted their strategies, successfully saving that CO2 theory from the dustbin, polishing it up good, and presenting it to a new generation of suckers as the explanation for every weather-related disaster that comes along. Since such disasters will never stop coming (while we're here anyway), the Greens are set for life!

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