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Re: I don't mine a skeptic. I prefer a skeptic in this position

"He's not a skeptic if he's already decided that the climate scientists are wrong and warming has stopped."

"already decided" is surely a pre-requisite for the condition described as scepticism. There's nothing wrong about critical thinking and I personally think that should be encouraged but he comes up with this gem to explain his position:

"In other words, our planet's temperature changes are linked to the Sun and the seas"

There's no arguing with that. It really does warm up during the day and cool at night time and the seas do have a massive effect on the climate, as Texans int al and rather large parts of Asia will currently testify. Unfortunately there are a few other factors at work, that those people are bearing the brunt of at the moment.

Closer to home (for me - UK/SW) I'm not looking forward to finding out that the Gulf Stream has decided to bugger off and that I will be able to ski at home. Mind you I am a keen skier (40 years), but the rest of the country is pretty unprepared for that 8)

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