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Google hits and people who paid Google for hits.

EU's problem is that Google offers a "free" service: indexing the internet. If you put a website on the internet with the proper meta-data, Google will index that site and show it in relevant searches.

However, Google also offers paid-displays. You can pay Google to show your website alongside certain searches. The EU seems to be upset that Google will show it's own properties alongside it's open/free search results. Really, if Google marked it's own properties as "ads" like it does with all paid displays, could the EU really find any fault here?

How many people scroll past the first page of search results? I'm guessing it's an insignificant minority. If the first page is full of Ads instead of open/free search results, as long as those ads offer the services and information people are searching for, why would people stop using Google?

I'm not saying this is a good thing, I'm just saying Google is a freaking corporation offering a free service on the internet. People seem to be upset they aren't getting their money's worth, but considering they pay Google nothing to index their site, they ARE getting their money's worth. If people want their services displayed on Google's results with priority, they can pay Google for that privilege.

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