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It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower


>Yes. But Billions in lost revenue?

I am really not sure what your point is. For example, Google/Alphabet reports ~$25B USD revenue per quarter. I'll use that rather than some breathless "size of Web economy" stat. Halving that, to remove non-web Google stuff, then taking the remainder as a rough proxy for the order of magnitude of the web economy*, if there is a 22% loss in navigational efficiency on web pages due to flat design, then yes, revenue on things like ad-clicking or purchasing may very well drop in the billions.

Assuming of course the 22% drop is real and not just something to sell more Nielsen services.

There is a difference between calling BS on some made up marketing numbers and just being cantankerous for no particular reason. The UI-expertise commentards already called you out on your dismissal due to methodology and sample size. I am calling you out for not realizing that "1-2% of very big numbers in the triple digits range of $ billions" may very well equate to "billions in lost revenue".

>This is the new world APP rapid design, 'fail forward' and all those wonderful terms that mean half arsed conclusions are used to make grandiose decisions.

Glibness <> insight.

* Assume Google has 5-10% market share of web revenues: $24B * .5 (a hypothetical share of their web vs non-web revenue) * 4 (quarters) * 10 (the inverse of their market share if at 10%) => $480B/year.

1%, not 22%, of 480B$ is already $4.8B.

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